Cybetnet Cybermed T10C

Super Charged Medical Tablet
Intel Quad Core, Digitizer, & Antimicrobial Coating

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Sealed front bezel and anti-microbial coating minimize the spread of pathogens. The tablet can be disinfected with liquid cleaners without damage. CyberMed T10C complies with IEC60601-1 medical certification for near patient use in critical care and other clinical settings including OR, ER & Medication dispensing. Supports Windows 64-bit Mode. Powerful to run EMR and medical application simultaneously. Designed for demanding clinical use. Scan patient wristbands and barcodes on medication. Optional RFID, CAC card reader available for added security.

Quality and Support

As a manufacturer we stand behind the quality of our products. We offer the best U.S.-based B2B sales and tech support to help find the right Medical Grade solution for your clinical and technological needs. We are here to help make the demo and purchase process as painless as possible.

Out of the Box Solution

Need custom features or specific software installed on your tablet? Cybernet will work with you to customize your order and provide a final product that’s to your specification. You’ll be ready to go when you open the box.

Save Time and Lower Ownership Cost

Cybernet uses higher grade Japanese components when building our computers and tablets. We hold a below fail rate. Our Medical Grade PCs and tablets are designed for 24/7 operation for at least 5 years. In turn, our products require less maintenance and deliver a better return on investment. All Cybernet products are designed and tested for maximum reliability to save you time and money.

Customer-Centric R&D

We strive to understand and fulfill Healthcare IT needs. In an effort to build better products, we continuously engage our customers and utilize their feedback in the next generation of product development. As a result, our computing solutions are attuned to the medical environment and deliver more value.

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