Cybetnet Cybermed N22

22-inch Fanless Medical All-in-One PC.

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The CyberMed-N22 with highest medical testing standards of 60601-1 is the ideal Point-of-Care device for critical care environments; Along with antimicrobial germ protection stop the spread of bacteria to help protect the patients and the practitioners.

PACs and Radiology applications can now benefit from the most powerful Intel Core i5 CPU and provide top performance needed to view x-rays and run demanding EMR applications simultaneously.

The CyberMed N22’s fanless design reduces noise and eliminates circulating matter in sterile or even very dusty environments.

The internal battery option provides up to 20 minutes of standby power in case of a blackout to allow for an orderly system shutdown.

Intel Core i5 CPU
22″ Edge-to-Edge Screen
Sealed Front Bezel
Fanless Design
Solid State Drive


المطلوبة في وقت واحد EMR وتوفير أعلى أداء مطلوب لعرض الأشعة السينية وتشغيل تطبيقات Intel Core i5 الاستفادة من أقوى وحدة معالجة مركزية Radiologyو PACs يمكن الآن لتطبيقات