Cybernet Cybermed T10

Medical Tablet Antimicrobial Surface Protection.

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CyberMed-T10’s integrated smart card provides strong security authentication and complies with ISO 7816-01,2,3 standards.

Now you can implement access control and security directly from your CyberMed-T10 tablet with integrated RFID technology. Choose from four different RFID technologies: 125KHz/134.2Hz ISO 11784, 13.56MHz ISO 14443A & ISO 15693 and HID Global Proximity Reader. Certified by Imprivata.

Optional 2D scanner for medication scanning, patient’s ID wristbands and other critical applications requiring high-speed scanning.

Mount your medical tablet on a mobile cart or wall mount for quick access and docking.

ISO7816-01،2،3 مصادقة أمان قوية وتتوافق مع معايير CyberMed-T10 توفر البطاقة الذكية المدمجة في