JVC MS35i2 Monochrome Monitor

3MP 21.3″ Monochrome MonitorMS35i2

High Luminance and High Contrast 3MP Monochrome Monitor for diagnostic imaging

In addition to be a standard solution for diagnostic imaging, MS35i2 with Independent Sub-pixel Drive technology enables this 3 MP monitor to render 9 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards of care for primary mammography diagnosis. MS35i2 with Independent Sub-pixel Drive technology is cleared for FDA (510K) for the use of Digital Mammography.

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Luminance Stabilizing System λ-Sentinel

With two built-in sensors for luminance stabilization and ambient light measurement, MS35i2 consistently delivers unmatched image quality.

Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology

This unique technology enables the MS35i2 to render 9 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards for primary mammography diagnosis. The MS35i2 is cleared for FDA 510(k) for the use of Digital Mammography.

Front Protective Filter

*MS35i2/F only
The front filter protects the LCD surface against damage and prevents contamination. It comes with anti-refractive coating to improve focus, noise reduction and contrast.

Ecological Technology – Considering the Global Environment

JVCKENWOOD is committed to providing high performance monitor systems that are ecological and environmentally friendly. We strive to create green IT initiatives and be a part of building a clean energy future. In an effort to achieve this, we have incorporated several new features in the i2 series monitors. Advanced power saving function dims the backlight as the screensaver activates, thereby reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary backlight deterioration, resulting in a longer lasting monitor. The internal power supply system includes a new improved power save mode, which allows the monitor to enter standby mode with less than 2 watts of energy consumption.

* Optional software Calibration Kit is required to set up the Advanced Power Savings feature.

Uniformity Equalizer

Luminance uniformity correction system produces stable images across the screen.

DICOM Conformance Check

User friendly OSD functions include DICOM conformance check function.