2MP 21.3″ Monochrome Monitor
High luminance & High contrast 2MP monochrome monitor for diagnostic imaging

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Excellent Diagnostic Visibility

MS-S200 comes with 1800:1 contrast ratio to make it the best solution for diagnostic imaging of DR, CT and MRI etc. The brighter screen dramatically increases the number of perceptual grayscale steps to improve visibility of structures. Diagnostic reading will be much more efficient. One of its unique technologies the built-in sensor ensures that the monitor constantly performs at its best. Buy JVC MS-S200 from UBMS Medical.

Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology

This unique technology enables MS-S200 to render 6 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards for primary diagnosis. This will be a cost-effective way of enhancing the ability of 2MP display.
(Patent No.8, 259, 034B2)

Integrated QA Solution

QA Medivisor Agent providing calibration and QA standard testing through a straightforward user interface is effective to manage daily operation.