2MP 21.3″ Color Monitor
Premium design and high cost effective 2MP color monitor in pursuit of enhanced functions.

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UBMS is a SONY Authorized Distributor

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Dynamic Gamma

Color images are automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user intervention is required. Buy JVC CL-R211 from UBMS Medical.

Integrated QA Solution

QA Medivisor Agent providing calibration and QA standard testing capabilities through an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface makes it effective to manage day-to-day operation in the radiology department. Simplified calibration scheduling tool QA Medivisor Agent LE is included. CLR211 available in UBMS Medical

Auto Text Mode

Brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists and reporting applications to reduce eye strain.


With the integrated color front sensor, the CL-S200/CL-S300 self-calibrates to the DICOM Part 14 Standard on a regular schedule.

Razor-sharp Color Precision

Utilizing its unique X, Y, Z, color level tracking and color management technologies, any of the CL-R211 model perfectly color-matches one another.