Women’s Apron and Vest: Lead Free with Thyroid Collar

Women’s Apron and Vest: Lead Free with Thyroid Collar

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The unique design of our Apron & Vest provides complete front and back coverage with the apron weight distributed evenly across the shoulders and hips. The apron is a wrap-around style which ensures a perfect fit.

This popular Apron and Vest combo is available specifically sized for Women and is also available with an optional Thyroid Collar. The detachable Thyroid Collar is connected to the vest by a strap for easy removal. This combo provides 0.5mm LE protection and 0.25 mm back protection.

Vest and Apron Sizes
Vest: 21″ x 19″ Apron: 19″ x 30″-34″ Stock Number 66077TC-TB-(color)
Vest: 22″ x 21″ Apron: 20″ x 35″-40″ Stock Number66078TC-TB-(color)
Vest: 23″ x 23″ Apron: 21″ x 41″-46″ Stock Number 66079TC-TB-(color)
X Large:
Vest: 24″ x 25″ Apron: 22.5″ x 47″-50″ Stock Number 66080TC-TB-(color)

يوفر التصميم الفريد للمريلة والسترة الخاصة بنا تغطية أمامية وخلفية كاملة مع توزيع وزن المئزر بالتساوي على الكتفين والأرداف.

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