Wolf Gloves

Superflex Gloves & Mittens.

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Superflex Protective Gloves

Wolf gloves are a five finger molded lead glove covered in resilient brown Naugahyde and are supple enough to pick up small objects. Our gloves can be ordered in 12″ or 15″ lengths and are available in .5 or .25 lead equivalency protection. Regular Gloves are size 9 and Large Gloves are size 10.

Slitted Protective Mittens

Wolf mittens provide hand protection (.5mm Pb equiv.) with the option of exposing fingers for dexterity and are made of a durable soft gray vinyl covering (15″). 

NOTE: Single Lead Gloves and Mittens are no longer available.

قفازات الذئب عبارة عن قفاز من الرصاص مقولب بخمسة أصابع ومغطى بغطاء Naugahyde بني مرن ومرن بدرجة كافية لالتقاط الأشياء الصغيرة,