Trimline Basic Illuminator

The Trimline Basic Illuminator.

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The Trimline Plus Basic Illuminator is the “meat and potatoes” version of our Trimline Series. You don’t get an automatic film activator. What you do get is Wolf quality and dependability.

The Trimline Basic is a 2 bulb illuminator (2200 Candela per square meter) that is available in 12 sizes.

Standard features include a baked-on white polyester powder finish, a roller grip film retainer, an 8′ cord, and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.

Best of all, the Trimline Basic can be combined with our Trimline, Trimline Plus and Trimline Plus Hi Lo illuminators to give you the most versatile (and economic) viewing environment available.

Trimline هو إصدار “اللحوم والبطاطس” من سلسلة Trimline Basic Illuminator مصباح