Special Procedure: Light Weight Lead

Special Procedure: Light Weight Lead

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The Special Procedure apron has an elastic belt that helps lift the apron weight off your shoulders. A full back panel gives you all-around protection and the over-the-shoulder hook-n-loop closure makes putting it on and removing it a cinch.

Special Procedure is 0.5 mm Lead Equivalency Protection front and 0.25 mm back.

Apron Sizes
Stock Number: 67086LW-(color) 21″ x 36″
Stock Number: 67087LW-(color) 22″ x 38″
Stock Number: 67088LW-(color) 24″ x 38″
X Large:
Stock Number: 67089LW-(color) 24″ x 40″
XX Large:
Stock Number: 67090LW-(color) 25″ x 42″

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