Sony UP-D711MD A7 Digital Black and White Thermal Printer

A7 Digital Black and White Thermal Printer

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Light, compact and easy to integrate, the UP-D711MD monochrome digital graphic printer allows medical professionals to produce high-quality hard copies of ultrasound scans.

With a footprint of 140(W) × 70(H) mm and weighing just 1kg, the A7-size printer reflects latest industry trends towards size reduction of medical systems.

The UP-D711MD ( UPD711MD ) is ideal for installation in clinical environments where space is limited or easy portability is required. Printing on easily-replaceable roll paper, it assures extremely high image quality to assist with clear, accurate analysis and interpretation of ultrasound scans. All Sony medical products are available in UBMS Medical . We can provide best price and fast delivery for all sony medical products .

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in medical printing, the UP-D711MD shares the image quality, economy and reliability that are hallmarks of other printers in the Sony range.

بالاعتماد على أكثر من عقدين من الخبرة في الطباعة الطبية ، تشترك الطابعة UP-D711MD في جودة الصورة والاقتصاد والموثوقية التي تعد السمات المميزة للطابعات الأخرى في مجموعة Sony.

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