Sony PMW10MD HD Video Camera

Full HD Medical 2-piece Camera

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Full HD Medical 2-piece Camera – Providing Outstanding Image Quality and Workflow Innovation

The demand for high-quality image acquisition in surgery and medical observation has been growing rapidly. High-quality images contribute not only to the improvement of surgery , but also conference and education applications. To accommodate this need, Sony introduces the PMW-10MD medical-compliant full HD video camera. Sony’s expertise and knowledge, accumulated over decades as a world-leadingSUPPLIER of broadcast and medical video equipment, are consolidated in this camera.

The PMW-10MD has a compact camera head unit, that can be attached easily either to a surgical microscope, a surgical boom arm, or to a ceiling, and a separated camera control unit. The distance between the camera head and the camera control unit can be extended up to 20 m (62.6 feet).

In the camera control unit, there are two SxS PRO memory card slots for recording full HD quality moving images and capturing still images. The PMW-10MD can record up to 280 minutes of high-quality moving images on two 32-GB cards. The SxS Pro memory card provides a number of significant benefits, such as instant random access to recordings, easy editing, and quick copying of footage to IT-based devices – all of which offer tremendous workflow improvements.

With its outstanding image quality, extremely long recording time, and a number of advanced features, the PMW-10MD is an ideal medical camera that improves both image quality and operational efficiency.

  • Remote control

    9-pin RS-232C connector and a mini-stereo jack for a footswitch

  • “Clip Browser” software

    Browse and copy video clips recorded by the PMW-10MD

  • Compliancy

    Compliance with Medical Safety Standards

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