NUCLeUS™ Digital Imaging Platform – Sony Pro

Smart Imaging Platform for Hospitals – scalable, upgradable and vendor neutral.

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Manage medical content, share expertise, enhance collaboration

Give medical staff a single platform to manage and share videos, still images and other data. Help them to efficiently operate, consult, collaborate and teach. Improve OR workflows, observe ICU patients, and enable remote consultations and training through one integrated system. Buy NUCLeUS Digital Imaging Platform UBMS Medical.

Better OR imaging workflows

Access and share images from the OR, for example, to the pathology lab, easily. Surgical teams can capture images and record video, sending or live streaming them across the hospital. They can also review any patient imagery and data they need.

Observation in the ICU

Access and observe critical patients from anywhere in the hospital. Video streaming can combine numerous sources, important patient information, including vital signs, so ICU staff can watch over multiple patients from any networked PC or a central nurse’s station

Improve the workflow of your Operating Room

NUCLeUS streamlines the collection, management, and distribution of media across a hospital’s network—and beyond. Handle up to 4K video, still images and patient data on a platform that’s scalable, future-proof and vendor neutral. Integration with HIS and EMR systems makes it easy to obtain patient information for the preparation of the intervention and to add video or still images to patient records during or after the intervention.