– Super High bright & High contrast image quality for Breast image diagnosis
– 5MP color monitor accommodated for multi modality
– Dynamic Gamma & Auto Text Mode
– Stable Image Representation & Razor-sharp Color Precision
– Improved Diagnostic Visibility & Integrated QA Solution
– Self-calibration

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5MP color monitor accommodated for multi modality

CL-S500 can accommodate images from any modality including Digital Mammography/Tomosynthesis, US, CT, MRI and pathology. Buy JVC medical monitor from UBMS Dubai.

Dynamic Gamma

Color Images are automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user intervention is required.

Auto Text Mode

Brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists and reporting applications to reduce eye strain.

Stable Image Representation

The luminance and color stabilization system contributes to improved image representation for an efficient reading environment.

Razor-sharp Color Precision

Utilizing its unique X, Y, Z, color level tracking and color management technologies, any of the i3 model perfectly color-matches one another. Buy JVC CL-S500 from UBMS Dubai. We can provide best price and fast delivery for all JVC monitors.

Improved Diagnostic Visibility

A contrast ration of 2000:1 delivers crisper images and gives radiologists confidence in breast image interpretation to improve work efficiency.

Integrated QA Solution

QA Medivisor Agent providing calibration and QA standard testing through a straightforward user interface is effective to manage daily operation. JVC medical monitors are available in UBMS Medical showroom.


With the integrated color front sensor, CL-S500 self-calibrates to the DICOM Part 14 Standard on a regular schedule.

Built-in Sensor

Premium Design

The simple and slim design for a modern look.

Protective Glass Filter

Glass filter with anti-reflect coating protects the LCD panel from dust or scratches.

Reading Light

Integrated reading light illuminates your keyboard. The ambient sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to the room lighting conditions.

Space Saving

The new design of CL-S500 reduces 25% of the stand footprint compared to the conventional models.

Low Blue light Panel

CL-S500 comes with a low blue light panel, which reduces strain on the eyes while reading

Wire Management / DisplayPort Daisy Chains

With the DisplayPort 1.2, the use of daisy chains allows for easier wiring connections.

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