Cybernet Cybermed N19

Fanless Medical PC.

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The CyberMed N19 medical computer is medically certified to meet the requirements of EN60601-1. Its fanless design makes it ideally suited for the operating room, the emergency room, or any area of a hospital to keep dust and particulates from circulating.

The CyberMed N19’s Cedar Trail D2500 processor is the latest generation of CPUs made for use in all-in-one PCs that provide much longer battery life: 8 hours or more. That means that the CyberMed N19 can be used on a medical cart for a full day or shift before needing recharging.

The CyberMed N19 medical PC can be easily mounted on a medical cart. Just attach it using the standard VESA mounting holes, plug into a power source, and you are ready to go. You can also just as easily mount it on a wall.

The CyberMed N19 medical PC has 5-wire resistive touch screen technology to enhance productivity. This touch screen accepts gloved input, so there’s no need to remove gloves to enter EMR data or examine x-rays.

The CyberMed N19 medical PC has an antimicrobial coating essential for maintaining hygienic conditions in medical environments.

The CyberMed N19 is compatible with Windows 7 professional & Windows 7 Embedded.

يجعل تصميمه بدون مروحة مناسبًا بشكل مثالي لغرفة العمليات أو غرفة الطوارئ أو أي منطقة في المستشفى لمنع الغبار والجسيمات من الدوران EN60601-1 طبياً لتلبية متطلبات CyberMed N19 تم اعتماد الكمبيوتر الطبي