Coat Apron: Regular Lead

Coat Apron: Regular Lead

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The Coat Apron features a 2 inch wide adjustable belt that helps “lift” the apron weight off your shoulders. The open back design allows you great freedom of movement.

The Conventional Apron is 0.5 mm Lead Equivalency Protection.

Apron Sizes
Stock Number: 63073-(color) 22″ x 37″
Stock Number: 63001-(color) 24″ x 40″
Stock Number: 63011-(color) 24″ x 42″
X Large:
Stock Number: 63012-(color) 25″ x 40″
XX Large:
Stock Number: 63013-(color) 26″ x 42″

المئزر التقليدي 0.5 ملم معادل للرصاص

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