Sony LMD-X3200MD 32-inch 4K 2D LCD monitor

32-inch 4K 2D LCD monitor

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Sony LMD-X3200MD

Sony LMD-X3200MD 32-inch 4K 2D LCD monitor high-Performance, Sleek and User-Friendly 4K UHD 32-Inch Medical Monitor. LMD-X3200MD is the Sony’s new medical monitor in 2020 .

High-Performance, Sleek and User-Friendly 4K UHD 32-Inch Medical Monitor (LMDX3200MD)

LMD-X3200MD 32-inch 4K 2D LCD monitor

The Sony LMD-X3200MD 32-inch medical grade LCD monitor can display very high quality 4K Ultra HD color video images. Its ergonomic design is optimized for environments such as hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, and clinics.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K resolution on a 32-inch (3840 x 2160) 16:9 screen offers high picture quality

Wide Color Gamut

LMDX3200MD Wide Color Gamut

The LCD panel and signal processing technology provide a wide color gamut. This complies with the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 with a wider color gamut than the BT.709 color gamut, which allows better color reproduction and realistic visualization.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Gamma Support

HDR technology enables images to be produced with a wider range of brightness levels, greater contrast, and rich colors. When receiving HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) signals from an HLGcompatible imaging system, you simply select HLG in monitor gamma setting mode; the monitor can then display HDR images. Buy Sony LMD monitors from UBMS Dubai . We can provide the best price for Sony Medical monitors (Sony LMD) . UBMS Medical is the only Sony Medical Products Dealer / Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Anti-Reflection Structure

The LMD-X3200MD is designed to minimize reflected glare in brightly lit ORs. The panel structure achieves clear, high-contrast images by controlling reflection and minimizing light dispersion in the LCD panel. This lets you use the monitor under various lighting conditions and avoids constantly adjusting of monitors in the OR to remove annoying reflections from surgical lights. Buy Sony LMD monitor from UBMS Dubai .

Auto Input Select Mode

lmd x3200 md have auto input select mode. If the main input signal is accidentally interrupted, the monitor’s input will switch automatically to the second port. Sony LMD-X3200MD auto input mode feature. When “Auto Input Selection” is set to “On”, if the monitor does not detect the signal from port A, the monitor will automatically display the image from port B, and you can continue to watch without interruption.

Simple Remote Control via Stereo Mini

LMD-X3200MD Remote Control

This allows you to use the foot switch via the stereo mini jack to switch the most frequently used menus such as A.I.M.E. ON/ OFF, Port A/B input select, PIP/POP, and flip pattern. This enables you to switch menus even if you are away from the monitor as you do not have to touch the monitor control panel. For more details about Sony LMDX3200MD medical monitor contact UBMS Medical.

Variety of Display Modes

The LMD-X3200MD can display images from multiple sources quickly and easily from the menu in a variety of display modes
– side-by-side, picture-in-picture (PIP), and picture-out-picture(POP). Also flip patterns such as flip rotation or off can be
selected easily by pressing buttons

Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.™) Technology

Sony-unique A.I.M.E. technology enhances the displayed images by adjusting the color, contrast, and visibility of the dark area for more comfortable viewing. You can set each parameter directly via the button on the front panel and identify its status easily with the icon shown on the display during A.I.M.E. ON.

A.I.M.E On Off Button

The technology enhances the displayed image by adjusting the color, contrast and visibility of the dark area, thereby making viewing more comfortable. Combined with structural enhancement, color enhancement and newly added shadow enhancement, better image reproduction and display can be achieved. You can directly set each parameter through the buttons on the front panel, and easily recognize its status through the icons displayed on the display during A.I.M.E. NR (noise reduction) parameters can reduce image noise from the endoscope system

Clone output

The copy output connector allows you to output the same image as the displayed image, such as A.I.M.E., picture-in-picture images, etc. This allows you to easily record the same content as what you are viewing; this is especially useful in educational applications. The output format can be selected from Full HD/4K and 50Hz (50P) / 60Hz (59.94P). The advantage is that it can record the same pictures the doctor sees. Good educational/display purpose. Unlike through-out, the same video image of the main monitor can be displayed on the second monitor in the future. Doctors and medical staff in the operating room can view the same images. The 4K images of the endoscope system can be down-converted to HD images. This is useful when the VCR only supports the FHD format. Buy Sony 3200md medical monitor from UBMS

Installation-Friendly Cabling

All the connectors face downwards, allowing for easy and organized cable connection. There are three cable access points to enable for multiple installation settings. The small cable cover is useful when the monitor is attached to a monitor arm. The medium-sized cable cover is specifically for the 12G-SDI input/ output connector. It is useful especially for through-out connection to a second monitor. You can connect the cable without removing the large cable cover which protects all the other connectors to allow for neat and easy-to-clean installations. These features mean you can simplify the cabling for all your various installation needs. When LMD-X3200MD / LMD-X270x is connected to the monitor cantilever, the cable cover (S) can realize beautiful and easy wiring. Are you looking for new Sony Surgical monitor ? Or Sony 32-inch Surgical monitor? then LMD-X3200MD is the answer .

Flat Surface Design for Better Cleaning

The LMD-X3200MD offers an edge-to-edge flush front surface. This design allows you to easily wipe liquids and gels off the LCD panel, control buttons, and also the rear cover, ensuring a high standard of disinfection and cleanliness.

Flexible AC Powering Options

Installation is even more flexible with a choice of direct AC in or AC adapter power options (the AC-300MD AC adapter is sold separately)

Selectable Modes

Structure Enhancement (Six levels)

• Improves recognition of the object’s outline
• Objects can be seen more clearly with increased sharpness

Color Enhancement (Eight levels)

• Color tone differences can be manipulated to see objects
more clearly

Shadow Enhancement (Six levels)

• Improves visibility in dark areas to see more details

LMD-X3200MD Selectable Modes

User-Friendly Control Panel and Wide Range of Connectors

Various input/output connectors such as a 12G-SDI and display port are available to meet a wide variety of user needs. Operation is simplified by the intuitive, easy-to-use control panel on the front of the unit. LED backlighting highlights only active control buttons and guides the user, especially in dark environments. Custom buttons can be assigned to commonly used functions.

 Sony LMD-X3200MD Control Panel

LMD-X3200MD هي شاشة طبية من نوع 32 نوع 4K تحقق وظائف متعددة وأداء عالي. تتيح اللوحة عالية الدقة 4K (3840 × 2160 نقطة) وتقنية زاوية الرؤية الواسعة استخدامها في مجموعة متنوعة من بيئات الإضاءة وأنماط الاستخدام (مثل الوحدات المتعددة للتعليق على الجدران ومراقبة الصور).

اشترِ جميع منتجات سوني الطبية من UBMS. يمكننا تقديم أفضل الأسعار والتسليم السريع لجميع شاشات سوني الطبية وكاميرات التصوير والطابعات ووسائط الطباعة والمسجلات والتخزين.

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