Sony LMD-X310MT 4K 3D LCD medical monitor

31-inch 4K 3D Surgical LCD Monitor

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Sony LMD-X310MT 31-inch 4K 3D/2D LCD medical monitor

View surgical images in 3D or 2D with the detail, clarity and colour of 4K

This 31-inch medical grade widescreen LCD monitor can display very high quality 4K Ultra HD colour video images in 3D and 2D from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other compatible medical imaging systems. Its ergononic design is optimised for environments such as hospital Operating Rooms, surgical centres, clinics and doctors’ offices. Buy Sony LMD-X310MT from UBMS Dubai.

Offering four times the pixel count of Full HD, the LMD-X310MT provides a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors. Its increased resolution also maintains picture quality when viewing zoomed images, as well as supporting multiple picture display modes for enhanced operability in the OR. Buy LMD-X310MT medical monitor from UBMS medical . We can provide best price and fast delivery for all sony medical monitors .

The OptiContrast Panel™ ensures clear, high contrast images by controlling light reflections and dispersion within the LCD panel. The monitor’s advanced panel design is teamed with powerful Sony digital signal processing to provide a wider colour gamut than ordinary LCD medical monitors.

3D Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.™) technology can be used to accentuate subtle colour differences or highlight the outline structure of displayed objects.

The LMD-X310MT features a slim, stylish design to allow easy handling, with a narrow bezel that maximises the compact monitor’s screen area. Flat surfaces make disinfection simpler in modern clinical environments.

Simple installation and set-up is complemented by a user-friendly control panel with LED lighting navigation for positive, intuitive operation in the OR.

The monitor is provided with an included light, easy to wear 3D eye-shield starter kit. Further eye-shields are available as an option.

Note: 4K 3D medical monitors are available in 31-inch and 55-inch sizes. At 31-inches, this screen is the largest size that will fit an endoscopy system to provide a full 4K medium-sized panel. At 55-inches, this screen provides the ideal viewing distance when mounted in an operating theatre when installed facing the bed.

Suitable for Surgical Imaging

• Modern, slim, narrow bezel and ergonomic design
• 4K resolution provides greater detail
• Advanced HD to 4K upscaling without blurring
• 3D and 2D operating modes for ultimate flexibility
• Superb black reproduction combined with ultra fast processing to give sharp, high contrast, low latency surgical images
• Splash proof glass edge-to-edge screen for easy cleaning
• Intuitive user friendly control panel for simple operation and adjustments
• 3D A.I.M.E. Image enhancement
• Rear cable cover provides user friendly cable management and neat installation
• Wider colour range reproduction than conventional HD monitors

يمكن لشاشة LCD عريضة مقاس 31 بوصة أن تعرض فيديو ملون عالي الجودة بدقة 4K Ultra HD بأبعاد ثلاثية وثنائية الأبعاد من كاميرات التنظير الداخلي / التنظير الداخلي والمجاهر الجراحية وأنظمة التصوير الطبي الأخرى المتوافقة. تم تحسين تصميمه المرن لبيئات مثل غرف العمليات بالمستشفيات والمراكز الجراحية والعيادات ومكاتب الأطباء. اشترِ Sony LMD-X310MT من UBMS دبي

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