Sony Compatible UPP-110HG High Gloss Ultrasound Paper Film/Media

A6 width B&W High Glossy print media (type V) for use in UP-X898MD / D898MD / 897MD / D897MD / D897 / 895 / D895 / 890 / D890 / 860 / D860 printers.

• Water resistance high-gloss ultrasound printer paper
• Specifically designed for medical recording equipment such as ultrasound systems. Films are widely used with 3d printing machine.
• Ultrasound print papers are compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi black and white video graphic printers. It can easily tear in the cross direction and has minimal curling.

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A6 width B&W High Glossy print media (type V) for use in UP-X898MD / D898MD / 897MD / D897MD / D897 / 895 / D895 / 890 / D890 / 860 / D860 printers.

This product is available in multiples of 5 x 1 unit (master carton contains 100 rolls).

Mainly used in Ultrasound applications.


Sony UPP-110HG is a high gloss, black and white, thermal print paper that has been optimised for use with Sony UP-897 / D897MD, UP-D898DC / D898MD & UP-X898MD printers. Sony Compatible UPP-110HG High Gloss Ultrasound Paper Film/Media Price is very good in UBMS Medical Dubai Showroom.

High-quality Sony UPP-110 series Structure of thermal paper


“Sony’s print media is designed to match the mechanical characteristics of Sony’s printers.” When you’re trying to consistently obtain optimal print quality, it’s tempting to focus on your printer. And so you should. But your printer is just one part in the process from image capture to image transfer. The choice of print media is equally crucial: the quality of a printed image, now or several years hence, can facilitate accurate diagnosis and serve as a lasting record. That same decision can mean the difference between the high-quality, trouble-free printing that needs to be taken for granted in difficult circumstances, or a serious problem at a critical moment. Sony’s print media is developed with patented technologies exclusively alongside Sony’s printers – the one complements the other. Use them together and you’ll get the very best out of both. Buy Sony Compatible UPP-110HG from UBMS .

Sony’s UPP-110HG Series Thermal Print Media is made of material that is unlikely to contaminate the print head. In addition, this media’s protective coating cleans off foreign substances that adhere to the head during printing. Since this head cleaning process occurs every time printing is performed, this greatly reduces the occurrence of poor quality printing. We can ship Sony Compatible UPP-110HG High Gloss Ultrasound Paper Film/Media to all GCC countries (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia ) & African Countries .

High water resistance

The UPP-110HG high gloss/gloss layer of Sony’s print media, the result of proprietary technologies, provides high water resistance and high storage stability. This layer prevents print smudging from fingerprints or water and increases storage stability

High-gloss, high-quality prints

Not only that, the heavy-duty high gloss layer achieves smudge-free, high-quality printing at the same time as adding an attractive highgloss finish to the sheet.

Head matching performance

The top coat layer of Sony’s print media (UPP-110HG ), designed to optimally match the printer heads of Sony’s printers in mind, provides continuous printing.

Grey-scale reproduction

Accurate grey-scale reproduction is critical to achieve the correct tonal range of the printed image. Sony simultaneously develops video printers and print media with carefully matched grey-scale characteristics that give the best possible image transfer quality. The UPP-110HG have accurate grey-scale reproduction.

Anti-electrostatic layer

Sony’s print media ( UPP-110HG) has a built-in antistatic layer which acts against the buildup of electrostatic energy. Without this layer, electrostatic energy can accumulate – reaching a potential at which sparking can occur. Sparking can destroy vital electronic components in the printer, particularly in the thermal head.

Minimal curling

Moreover, Sony’s media is designed for minimal curling to ensure reliable, smooth throughput. Minimal curling enables you to file it easily

High humidity and heat resistance

High humidity can cause a significant loss of print density. This degradation in quality is much less marked with Sony’s print media than with media from other manufacturers, especially in highly humid conditions. Choosing Sony’s print media means that picture durability is maintained.

Superior print quality

Thanks to rigorous application pressure control, the thermal coat layer delivers high-quality coloring properties. The curve and Dmax are strictly adjusted to ensure the stable provision of consistent, optimal image quality. The UPP-110HG have superior print quality

Excellent tearing properties

For the base material, the foundation of print media, Sony uses a dedicated substrate that matches the thermal specifications of Sony’s printers, and applies a special process to improve coating properties. This is the secret behind the excellent tearing properties of Sony’s media. The specification prevents cutting in the machine direction, yet provides excellent cutting properties in the cross direction. The Sony UPP-110HG have excellent tearing properties.

Rigorous manufacturing quality control systems

Sony implements rigorous quality control in the manufacturing of print media. The organization supplies print media optimized for use in its printers by operating manufacturing plants that deploy high-quality manufacturing technologies, including superb coating technologies- such as coating adjustment and coating quantity profiles- and the thorough automation of finishing processes to eliminate contamination and human error.

توفر طبقة اللمعان / اللمعان العالية UPP-110HG لوسائط الطباعة من سوني ، نتيجة لتقنيات خاصة ، مقاومة عالية للماء واستقرارًا عاليًا للتخزين. تمنع هذه الطبقة تلطيخ الطباعة من بصمات الأصابع أو الماء وتزيد من استقرار التخزين

سوني UPP-110HG هو ورق طباعة حراري أبيض وأسود شديد اللمعان تم تحسينه للاستخدام مع طابعات سوني UP-897 / D897MD و UP-D898DC / D898MD و UP-X898MD من سوني

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